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With our best performance, we will strive to provide metal powders that precisely meet customers demand.

Nanokorea manufactures iron and non-ferrous metal powders via atomizing methods, which are used as materials for industrial machinery parts, automobile parts, and electrical and electronic parts.

We have successfully localized the metal powders industries which relies on foreign market, and we are currently one of domestic venture company to supply the powders in various fields.

Nanokorea will do its best to supply metal material powder that customers require based on specialized technology.

  • Stainless Powder1. For metal powders in areas requiring corrosion resistance, powders are produced by using water and gas spraying processes.
  • Copper Alloy Powder2. Various copper alloy powders such as pure copper powder, bronze and brass powder are manufactured by using water and gas spraying process.
  • Other Alloy Powder3. We manufacture various alloy powders for medical and electronic usage.
  • Manufacture of powder by customer's request4. We develop, manufacture and supply new materials and metal powders according to customer's needs.
  • Metal Powder Consulting5. We work with our customers to develop processes and new material usage for those who use metal powder.