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Company Profile


Nanokorea stands at the center of Korea's metal powder material industry.


Nanokorea is a metal powder manufacturing company which has been established in 2011 to stand at the center of Korea's metal powder material industry.

We have grasped the market situation in which most of the metal powder materials depend on foreign imports such as Europe, USA, Japan, China, etc., and have made continuous efforts to lead the localization of metal powder materials through domestic mass production.
As a result, we have developed and mass produced stainless powder (3XX series, 4XX series) / copper powder in 2012, and completed the development of high corrosion resistant special alloy powder Superalloy (NKS628, NKS400) in 2016.
Nanokorea is currently developing a wide range of materials to meet the needs of the market and customers, and aim to realize the full localization of metal powders that rely on overseas imports.

In order to overcome the difficult economic situation, many companies are seeking creative business value and reduce the cost of mass production products.
In particular, the necessity for cost reduction of metal parts manufacturing companies is urgent.
Nanokorea is ready to be a great partner to quickly identify and satisfy your needs.
We are striving to become a company that provides the best quality and service with fiery passion to become a better provider tomorrow.

With our customers' attention and communication, localization of materials and development of domestic powder metallurgy and metal powder related business will become possible.
Nanokorea is ready to be your reliable partner to have a mutually benificial relationship.